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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Letters For Animals

For those of us who often procrastinate writing letters about animal rights issues until it’s too late (like I do), this could be a great help. Go to , and print out a subscription form to Letters for Animals.

The Following is from the Letters For Animals website:

"Each month you'll receive a packet of ten or twenty pre-written letters to be signed and mailed to government officials, heads of corporations, judges, prosecutors, celebrities, etc. The letters variously educate, censure, extend thanks, raise consciousness and demand change."

"You choose the duration of your subscription. You may order the letters "customized" with your letterhead and your legislators' names already on them, or you may select the economical, non-customized packet for only $3.55 (10 letters) or $6.40, (20 letters)."

"If you're already involved in the animal welfare/rights movements, you may be overwhelmed by requests from the various animal advocacy organizations to write letters on the animals' behalf. Life, with its way of intervening, conspires to keep many of these important letters unwritten. Good intentions become guilty regrets".

"If you're new to animal rights and you care deeply about animals, you will soon find yourself in the above category!


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