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Saturday, October 28, 2006

"According to Julie L. Gereberding, Director of the Centers forDisease Controland Prevention (CDC), 'Eleven of the last twelve emerging infectious diseases that we're aware of in the world, that have had human health consequences, have probablly arisen from animal sources.' "

" We should not be surprised to learn this, as humans have along history of falling victim to diseases that afflicted animals first. Measles and smallpox originated in cows, anthrax in wildsheep, tuberculosis in goats, whooping cough in pigs, and typhoid fever in chickens. Other diseases that humans picked up from animnals include yellow fever, bubonic plague, influenza, and leprosy."

"Since animal agriculture poses many health threats that we are just beginning to recognize, it's safe to assume that it poses others that have thus far escaped scrutiny. Here's an example of one that recently came to light: a University of Iowa study released inDecember 2004 uncovered a serious link between hog farming and incidence of asthma in children. The study found at least one indicator of asthma in over 55 percent of children residing on hogfarms that use antibiotics in their feed. That's more than twice the incidence in children on farms that do not raise hogs."

"You [my meat-eating friends] put your health at risk --- that's your business. But animal-based diets put the land, the water, the air, a society's collective health, and even our collective pharmaceutical resources at risk. That's my business. That's everyone's business."---

Howard Lyman, in No More Bull!, pp. 64-65


  • At 10:20 PM, Blogger family farms said…

    you have no idea what you are talking
    you most be some city idiot that thinks there is some big machine in the store that feeds the word.
    for your information there is very
    antibiotics in the nation food supply.
    if agriculture used as much as you claim we would go broke.the real problem is the doctors but your to stupid to reasearch this yourself,you and all the liberal media you just control everything. all i want is to produce a clean safe product and feed the world and raise my family.i hope you will research this through the usda website or nppc website


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